BUA Group

BUA Group

BUA Group started business about 20 years ago as a Private Limited Liability Company specializing in the importation and marketing of iron & steel, agricultural and industrial chemicals. Since then it has rapidly developed into a fully-fledged, diversified business with a stake in a wide range of business sectors.
Today, the company’s areas of business interests span from manufacturing to port concessions, real estate development, oil & gas and shipping. Its acquisitions and business interests include the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria (CCNN), Edo Cement, BUA Cement PH, BUA Flour Mills, BUA Oil Mills, BUA Ports & Terminals and Real Estate businesses.

The company has also expanded into the manufacturing of refined sugar with the establishment of BUA Sugar Refinery and the acquisition of Lafiagi Sugar Company. In the real estate sector, the group owns and operates huge real estate development projects in the Northern Nigeria.

The company’s products include Bua Sugar, Bua Flour, Semolina, Bua Cement, Bua Oil Mills Such as RBD Palm Oil, Palm Olein, Stearine and DFA.And Vegetable Oil, Bua Estate The Group diversified into real estate as a way of tackling Nigeria's housing challenge. Various luxury properties have so far been developed in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria, BUA Ports and Terminals consist of 4 berths with a total length of 599m with a quay apron.

BUA Group has operational offices across Nigeria. Its headquarters is situated at 35 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos and 22B Creek Road, Apapa Lagos. Its Kano office is at 58 Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Kano.




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