Computer Warehouse Group

Computer Warehouse Group
Computer warehouse is one of the fastest growing information and communication technology companies in Africa today. The company offers integrated ICT solutions that add value to the operations of diverse clientele, using highly skilled and well motivated workforce. They work with best-in-class partners and technologies from all over the world.
The company has three divisions, each with expertise in one of the three information technology disciplines, plus an IT training and certification centre.
CWL Systems specializes in the supply and maintenance of computer hardware and ancillary equipment. It commands a share of over 15% of the computer systems market in Nigeria with a strong foray into the Ghanaian and the larger West African market.
The group deals in Sun Ultra 40 Workstations, Sun Ray 2 Virtual Display Client, Decru Datafort, Netapp Fas6000 Series, Netapp Nearstore, Virtual Tape Library, Dell D620 Notebook, Fiber/Wimax, Radio, Vsat, Wireless Solutions, Dell Pe 2950 Server, Sun Blade 8000 Modular System (Sun Fire X64 Server), Sun Fire E20k/E25k, Sun Fire E4900 Server, Sun Fire T2000 Server (Coolthreads Server), Sun Fire V890 Server, Sun Fire X4500 Server (Sun Fire X64 Server).etc.

The head office is at the 5th Floor, Octagon Building 13A A.J. Marinho Drive Victoria Island Annex Lagos, Nigeria




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