Conoil Plc

Conoil Plc started operations in 1927 under the name Shell Company of Nigeria (SCN) and has gone through a lot of metamorphosis ever since and following the federal Government’s privatization programe in 2000,a new core investor, CONPETRO Ltd, became a major shareholder.

In 2002, Conoil Plc, was adopted. The logo also changed from the "Eagle” to an icon that represents the company's commitment to acceptable practices in its business operations and to a bright and prosperous future. Conoil prides its self as Nigeria’s oil marketer of choice, providing fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, and retail services for everyday needs.

Conoil is one of the most formidable names in Nigeria’s downstream petroleum industry. They are engaged in the marketing of refined petroleum products and also in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality lubricants and chemicals for domestic and industrial use. The company is reputed for its unwavering commitment to excellent products and service delivery for maximal customer satisfaction.

As the first and largest indigenous oil marketing company in Nigeria, they have over the years gained a unique understanding of research and quality control, which they continuously apply in all their businesses in order to offer the best propositions to customers. They have also developed innovative means of manufacturing and distributing their products through their wide network of outlets.
They invest their financial and technical resources in the development of high-performance products and in the provision of services that match or even surpass international standards, paying strict attention to the finest details of health, safety and environmental best practices.

The company’s head office is located at Bull House, 38/39 Marina, Lagos.




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