Coscharis Group

Coscharis Group

Coscharis Group, which today is a household name in the West African country of Nigeria, evolved out of a modest company, MADUKA BROTHERS COMPANY         that was incorporated in 1977.
The company metamorphosed from Maduka Brothers Company to COSDAV Motors and later to the COSCHARIS GROUP.

From a modest beginning with the importation and distribution of motorcycles and its spare parts, ball and roller bearings, and original Japanese motor spare parts,
the company has expanded its frontiers to include sales and services of automobiles such as  BMW, FORD and LANDROVER and other items like ABRO brand of auto-care products, Computer and Accessories, Medical equipment, General Air conditions and services like Financing/Leasing etc.
The company distributes and markets desktops, laptops, ups, monitors, servers, motherboards, processors. They also specialize in Automobile sales and repairs etc.

Its Head Office is at No 1-7 Coscharis Street, Kirikiri Industrial Estate, Maza-Maza, Lagos, Nigeria.




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