Costain West Africa

Costain West Africa

Costain West Africa Plc was incorporated in 1948. As a private limited company in Nigeria, it took over the various works being undertaken by John Holt and Company (Liverpool) Limited’s building department. John Holt established a world-class reputation in building and civil engineering, open-cast mining, dredging and other construction related activities throughout the world.

Over the last 60 years, Costain West Africa Plc has executed a wide range of building and civil engineering projects, throughout Nigeria for private organizations, Federal and State Governments. It has been able to leverage the experience and strength of the Costain Group's worldwide activities.
Costain West Africa Plc went public on the 13th of March, 1974. Its shares were quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) subsequently. Costain West Africa Plc was the first construction company to be quoted on the NSE. It is now independent of the Costain UK Group.

 Costain West Africa Plc offers committed project leadership with a focus on client satisfaction. The company is determined to be a leader in the construction industry. This shows in the way they look after their clients and the quality of their construction.
The Costain West Africa brand has become synonymous with Sub-Saharan Africa. The company understands local markets and adopts an approach that considers management expertise, teamwork and professionalism. It is complemented by the strength and experience of its operations in Africa.

The head office is at no 174 Funso Williams Avenue (formerly Western Avenue) Ebute-Metta Lagos State




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