Courteville Business Solutions Plc

Courteville Business Solutions Plc

Courteville Business Solutions PLC was incorporated in 2005 as a Limited Liability Company. At this time, the company was set up as a business and financial advisory institution.

The Company migrated towards the provision of business solutions based on the opportunities that existed in the motor vehicle administration documentation and other government public service processes. The company introduced a web-based business solution for motor vehicle documentation developed and patented for 20 years to address the inefficiencies of motor vehicle administration system in Nigeria. It is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.
The AutoReg Motor Vehicle Administration Documentation franchise is currently deployed through over 3500 processing points in the 15 states where its presence has been solidly established. These processing points cut across the AutoReg partnering bank branches, licensing offices and registered independent processing outlets, all with well-trained and well-equipped processors.
The company also offers AutoReglive Webpeople,Egole Shopping Cart,Mobile Application for Reading Materials,Sms Marketing, Education Management System,Property Revenue Manager,Income Tax revenue Manager,AutoReg Enumerator, as well as Asset Management,Financial Advisory and Business Advisory.

 At Courteville Plc, there is a belief that each client's business needs are unique and that guides the company’s interaction with them as clients are their greatest assets.
Their product and services include AutoReg Products, AutoReg MVAD, E-Commerce, E-Government, and Corporate Finance.

The company’s head office is at no 90, Olonode Street Alagomeji, Yaba Lagos State.




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