Global Fleet Group

Global Fleet Group
The Global Fleet Group is a business conglomerate founded in 2003  with interests across a range of sectors in Africa. Current interests include oil and gas, airlines, magazines, insurance, hotels, resorts, real estate, petrol stations, manufacturing and banking. In the financial services sector, the Group owns 100% shareholding in Energy Bank of Ghana and the former Oceanic Bank of São Tomé.
The Global Fleet Group includes the following subsidiaries, among others:

  1. Air Nigeria - Lagos, Nigeria - Formerly Virgin Nigeria
  2. NICON Insurance - Lagos, Nigeria
  3. Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation - Lagos, Nigeria
  4. NICON Luxury Hotel - Abuja, Nigeria - Formerly Le' Meridien Hotel
  5. The NICON Group - Lagos, Nigeria - Holdings include investment companies, schools, real estate holdings, transport companies and others
  6. A chain of gasoline stations across Nigeria
  7. Global Fleet Building - Lagos, Nigeria - Formerly Allied Bank Building
  8. Meidan Hotel - Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Global Fleet Industries - Lagos, Nigeria - Formerly HFP Industries Limited
  10. Energy Bank - Accra, Ghana - A new commercial bank in Ghana, started operations in February 2011
  11. Oceanic Bank São Tomé - São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe - Commercial bank purchased from Oceanic Bank in May 2011.
  12. Newswatch Magazine - Lagos, Nigeria.




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