Innoson Group of Companies

Innoson Group
Innoson Group of companies which recently added Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company to its group to handle optimization design and assembly of Vehicles specially designed for Nigeria and the sub-region roads at affordable prices originally started as a trading outfit in 1976.
 The company later expanded into manufacturing of Plastic Chairs, Tables, Trays, Plates, Spoons, Cups, Jerry Cans of different sizes and many other allied products.
Since inception, this company has been the biggest plastic manufacturer in Nigeria. It produces the highest quality range of the plastic products of international standard and has a production capacity of over 10,000 pieces of chairs and tables per day. Due to the rapid demand of these products, the company's twelve production lines of injection moulds have been increased.
The group has Over six hundred indigenous employees and few expatriate staff on its payroll with an annual turnover of 3.6 billion Naira
The product range includes Innoson Chairs, Tables, Jerry Cans. Drums, Melamine Table Wears, Household Plastic, Plastic Toys, Ammeter Box and Accessories, Plastic Models, PVC Hose, Dutsbin, Pallet, Water Tank, Foam Products Plastic Roof Ceilings, Motor Cycles, Motor Cycles Plastic Parts, Motorcycle Helmets, Vehicles and Tyres. Etc.
Its Head Office/Factory situated at Plot W/L Industrial Layout, Emene, Enugu State, Nigeria.




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