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May &Baker

May & Baker Nigeria Plc was founded on the 4th of  September 1944  as the first pharmaceutical company in the Nigeria.It started off as a trading outpost of MAY & BAKER UK founded in 1839. 

In 1976, it built its present factory at Ikeja where it began local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. That same year it changed from May & Baker (West Africa) to May & Baker Nigeria Limited.The company became a PLC on the 10th of Novembers 1994.

May & Baker Nigeria Plc ever since has been  applying their resources and science to improve the quality of life of Nigerians by providing quality and affordable medicines, food and beverages to those who need them

When the company was established in 1944, it sold human pharmaceuticals, laboratory and photographic chemicals and horticultural and veterinary products.Some of its early products included Quinacrine (Anti-malarial) Gonazole (anti-biotic) Soneryl (sedative) Ephedrine, Sulphonamides; Nivaquine (anti – malarial ) and Rovamycine ( then a veterinary product) Having climbed to pre-eminence on the back of well-known anti – malarial drugs and Sulphonamides, the company has since taken leadership positions in the biological (vaccines) oncology (cancer drugs) and the anti – infective markets and is achieving a steady growth in her share of the analgesics and anti-hypertensive markets.

 In 1992 the company re-organized its business to concentrate on human pharmaceuticals and human vaccines. In 2001 it diversified into consumer with the introduction of Lily Table Water and in 2006 joined the foods business with the construction of an ultra-modern pasta food-processing factory in Ota, Ogun State. The factory produces Mimee, Nigeria’s finest brand of noodles.

MAY & BAKERS NIGERIA PLC is working towards being among the top 20 conglomerates in Nigeria by 2020

Some of its pharmaceutical products includes Quinacrine (Anti-Malarial) Gonazole (Anti-Biotic) Soneryl (Sedative) Ephedrine, Sulphonamides; Nivaquine (Anti – Malarial ) And Rovamycine ( Then A Veterinary Product) And Sulphonamides, Biological (Vaccines) Oncology (Cancer Drugs), Then For The Foods They Have Mimee Range Of Products Such As  Mimee Chicken 70g(Instant Noodles), Mimee Onion Chicken 70g(Instant Noodles), BOOMPA Chicken Flavour(Instant Noodles) Mimee Crunchmee Vanilla Flavour 15g(Snack Noodles) and Lily Range of Products which comes in different sizes, etc.

 The head office is at 3/5 Sapara Street, Industrial Estate  Ikeja, Lagos




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