Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPN)


Mobil Producing Nigeria began operations in Nigeria in 1955 under the name Mobil Exploration Nigeria Incorporated and was incorporated as Mobil Producing Nigeria on June 16, 1969. Production of crude oil began in February 1970 from the Idoho field, located off the coast of Akwa Ibom State.
Mobil Producing Nigeria is the operator of the joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and holds a 40% participating interest. MPN is the only major oil company operating completely offshore; with no onshore production. The company holds over 800,000 acres in shallow water offshore southeastern Nigeria. Production comes from 90 offshore platforms, with 283 flowing completions in 353 wells with a production capacity of about 720,000 barrels of crude, condensate and natural gas liquid (NGL) a day. Of the current total liquid production, 94 kbd is condensate from the OSO field, which is exempt from OPEC quota restrictions.
MPN also produces 45 kbd of NGL at the OSO NGL platform under a separate agreement, where it holds a 51% interest in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil. The Company which started operations in Nigeria in 1951 operates in the integrated oil and gas industry.
Mobil Oil Nigeria is engaged in the production and marketing of petrochemicals (gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, marine and jet fuels, etc.), packaging films and other chemical products. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Mobil operates worldwide oil and gas exploration and producing business, a global marketing and refining complex, a network of pipelines and tankers linking.

The head office is at Mobil House, Lekki Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos.




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