Mouka Foam

Mouka Foam

Mouka Foam started In 1959 as Moukarim Metalwood factory Limited manufacturers of high quality beds and furniture with the government of the then Northern Nigeria being its major client. The company eventually went into mattress, rug, duvet ,pillow, etc.
Today with Production facilities in Lagos, Benin and Kaduna, Mouka Limited is Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of polyurethane-based products. Mouka has a leading market share in the household and industrial foam market in Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. Their physical market reach is through thousands of distribution and sub-distributors and through online channels.

 Mouka Ltd currently employs over 600 persons across its various locations. Mouka’s management comprises men and women of proven integrity and track record of corporate success. The company’s values of passion, integrity, innovation, performance and excellence runs through all their processes.Mouka people are committed, passionate and true to the company’s cause of adding comfort to life.
The Mouka name is synonymous with Quality. Mouka was the first foam company to offer a quality warranty on its mattresses and other poly-urethane products. The company Pioneerd the phasing out of CFC (carbon-flouro-carbon) material in production process in 1992 as well as the First Foam company in Nigeria to receive ISO 9001 certification (Laboratory) in 1999

Their range of product are Mouka Royal, Mouka Divan, Mouka Mondeo, Mouka iMattress, Mouka School Mattress, mouka pillows, mouka Sheetings of different sizes, mouka Beddings and Duvet, Mouka Foam Settee, Mouka Foldy, Mouka CampMat, Mouka Back Rest, Mouka Neck Rest, etc.

The head office is at Plot 'M' Awosika Avenue, Ikeja Industrial Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.




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