Multichoice Nigeria

Multichoice Nigeria

Multichoice Nigeria made an entry into the Nigerian market in 1994 in partnership with MultiChoice Africa, a company born and bred in Africa, with a firm commitment to the development of the continent.
Their leadership in premium pay television technology and entertainment continues to keep Africa connected in real time with the world through the DStv platform. They are a responsible investor devoted to promoting and projecting Africa, its successes and the aspirations of its people in a coherent and sustainable way by making significant investments in African TV and film production.

Since pioneering digital television in Africa in 1995, DStv has built a presence across 48 African countries, entrenching its position at the forefront of entertainment benchmarked against the best operators across the globe. DStv’s unparalleled family entertainment packages allow subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety.

MultiChoice is committed to partnering with local entrepreneurs, governments and broadcasters in Africa, tailoring its operations to suit local needs while maintaining the highest levels of service and product quality.

MultiChoice Africa’s success grows its local partnerships, which have enabled the company to operate with an understanding of, and respect for, the many different cultures found on this diverse continent.
MultiChoice Africa was one of the first pay-TV operations to launch outside the United States of America. It all began in South Africa in 1986 when M-Net was founded as one of the first two subscription television services outside of the United States. At this stage, MultiChoice was incorporated to provide subscriber management services for M-Net.
Slightly more than ten years ago - pre-1993 - MultiChoice was the subscriptions management department of M-Net, the company which introduced pay-television to South Africa in 1986.

In the early 90s, while conventional wisdom was that one could make a good business from analogue technology, MultiChoice literally bet the bank on the idea that digital technology was the future of broadcasting in Africa. In 1995, MultiChoice launched its premium DStv bouquet on a newly-constructed digital platform, which has grown to cover nearly 50 countries in Africa and adjacent Indian Ocean islands, offering a range of pay-television services with a variety of language options as well as enhanced television.

Multichoice Nigeria is located at Plot 1383 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos




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