PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, the largest subsidiary of PZ Cussons, has enjoyed tremendous business success in Nigeria for over a century. The company operates in Africa, Asia and Europe with its strategy built on four core principles. PZ Cussons operates in selected markets that have the potential for future growth, both in mature and emerging markets.

Its presence across Africa, Asia and Europe ensures a naturally balanced portfolio of global markets, which are continually reviewed to ensure the Group is provided with the best opportunities for profitable growth. They take pride in their knowledge of local markets which enables them to respond quickly and appropriately to local needs.
It all started in 1879 when George Paterson and George Zochonis set up a trading post in Sierra Leone. By 1899 Paterson Zochonis (PZ) opened a branch office in Nigeria followed by its acquisition of a soap factory in 1948.Its mergers, acquisitions and expansions continued to its present state.

PZ Cussons develop leading brands for the markets in which it operates. Whilst some have global reach, the majority of the brands are sold only in local and regional markets as products that are particularly suited to local needs and tastes. The strategy is to grow these brands so they achieve category leading positions in their markets and continually review and expand the categories in which they operate to ensure profitable growth. They are proud of their portfolio of category leading brands which are developed to satisfy the particular needs of local consumers.

They operate world class supply chain networks that enable them to deliver their brands quickly and efficiently to their local consumers. Their distribution systems vary by market type, from traditional supply chain models in mature markets to extensive nationwide depot networks in emerging markets. They continually adapt their methods of distribution to suit their local markets and to changing market needs. They take pride in their flexible distribution capability which is tailored specifically for the local market.

Their products include Imperial Leather Soap and Handwash, Vanilla Orchid & Rice Milk and Green Tea & Kaffir Lime. Morning Fresh Gel and Dish Washer Tablet, Venus Range Of Haircare, Bodycare, Facecare and Toiletries Products, Luksja Soaps and Shower Gel, Gourmet Shower Gel, The Charles Worthington Haircare The Sanctuary's Extensive Product Range Used in Spa, Cussons Baby Powder, Soap, Cream, Radiant Detergents, The Sahaja Basic Range, Consisting of Soaps, Lotions, Talcum Powder and Shampoos, Range Of Baby Products, Elephant Detergent Brand to include The New Elephant Gold Detergent Product, Super Robb, Nunu Milk, Skin Bliss Shower Creams, Premier Toilet Soap, Carex Handwash and Gels, The 'E' Brand Cleaning and Stain Removal Products. The Horio Product Range has Recently Been Extended To Include New Butter Varieties in Addition To The Olive Oil, Margarine And Cheese Offerings, etc.



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