Reckitt and Benckiser

Reckitt and Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser is the world’s No.1 household cleaning products firm which came into being as the result of a 1999 merger between the UK’s Reckitt & Colman and the Dutch group Benckiser.
The company leads the sector in the production and sales of household cleaning products like Dettol etc with sales increasing on average by 7% a year since its formation and a share price rise of 356% - compared with a 13% decline in the FTSE 100 index.
From its European origins it continues to expand globally with its brands now available in more than 180 countries. Nearly half of its revenues now come from outside its home markets, with the US and Australia accounting for 28% of net revenues and developing markets 18%.
For such a fast-paced, entrepreneurial business some are surprised to learn the company’s history spans 150 years of innovation for consumers across the world. With a German and British heritage, RB’s drive for financial performance today can be seen in its deep roots.

Reckitt and Benckiser products are:
Air Wick, Addlerox, Adulfen - Nurofen, Aerogard, Aladdin, Allerfre, Amphyl, Anil, AVA,Bactopul, Bademol, Balta, Baranne, Bathmate, Beacon, Belarom - Harpic, Benactiv Gola - Strepsils, Biactol - Clearasil, Black Flag, Blanka - Vanish, Bleu, Blitz, Blueclean - Harpic, Bom Ar - Airwick, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Clearasil, Calcor, Calfort - Calgon, Calgofix, Calgonit - Finish, Cherie, Cherry, Coopex - Mortein, Coral, Dettol, Dequa - Strepsils, Destac, Destop, Dip It, Dispril, Dr Ironing, Duraglit, Durex, E45, Easy Off, Easy On, Eye Dew, Finish, Frank's Redhot, Frend - Vanish, Fybogel, Gaviscon, Genticyn, Glass Magic,Glass Plus, Harpic, Handy,Haze - Airwick, HC45, Hippo, Hurra - Vanish, Jik, Lavender Sachet, Mortein, Mortein Plus, Mr Sheen, Mycil, Nureflex - Nurofen, Oxyclean - Vanish, Oxy-Giftset, Pinolin, Pop, Powerclean, Preen - Vanish, Pure & Simple, Purity (Barley),Rex, Strepsils, Sagrotan - Dettol, Sugarine, Tru/Vanish, X14,Yes, Zeb, Zebo, Zebra, Zip, Etc.

Reckitt and Benckiser Nigeria head office is located at 12 Montgomery Road, Yaba Lagos Nigeria.




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