Sahara Group

Sahara Group started operations in Nigeria as Sahara Energy Resource Limited in 1996. The company was set up as an oil trading business focused on Nigerian and West African oil products. Within 3 years the company established herself as a credible trading house securing trade lines from first class international banks, like BNP Paribas and United European Bank.
Over the years, as the company grew in reputation and size, it became evident that there was a need to diversify into other industry-related businesses. Initially, this was done by creating divisions within Sahara Energy Resource Limited.

As the divisions grew into veritable businesses and revenue generators in themselves, they were established as separate limited liability companies, each with its own management and organizational structure, all co-existing as a part of the larger Group.

Sahara Group is now made up of Sahara Energy resource Nigeria Ltd,Sahara Energy field Ltd,Sahara Trade West Africa Ltd,Sahara Bult Storage facilities Ltd,SO Aviation Ltd,Sahara Sea Support services Ltd,So Energy Ltd,P-Lyne Energy Ltd,Sahara Power Resource Ltd,NG Power Ltd,Sahara Gas Limited,Sahara LNG Ltd, and Sahara Farms Ltd.
The Group has witnessed remarkable growth since its inception. it has also experienced tremendous growth in staff strenght  and as at December 2010, the total staff strength of all Sahara companies was just under 450.
Management of the Group is vested in Enageed Resource Ltd as the general overseer of all operating companies and provider of centralized group functions while Daily management of the operating companies is decentralized and vests with their respective managers.

The Group is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria located at 7a, Fowler Road Lagos, Nigeria.           




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