Stallion Group

Stallion Group
Stallion Group founded in 1969 has expanded rapidly in Nigeria one of  Africa's largest market with well consolidated business lines and valuable human resources.Stallion Group leads the market with their interests in international trading including the very popular Stallion rice,  automobiles,  aircraft, manufacturing, property development and services.

 The Organization has a highly specialized infrastructure across Africa with a perfected in house expertise in conducting viable business activities in these complex markets. The group is well capitalized and is a privately held business enterprise.

Stallion's proven track record is based on the ability to identify business opportunities that correlate with the organization's core competence areas and execute business plans in the most optimal manner. Stallion's business decisions are made on the basis of well researched long term prospects and sustainability of shareholder value.

They specialize in the following areas stallion textiles, stallion plastics, stallion motorcycles, stallion rice milling, stallion packaging, stallion food processing, stallion steel and automobile assembly
Stallion group head office in Nigeria is located at Plot 270A, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos




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