Tantalizers opened its first outlet in 1997 with the vision to be the top of the mind, number one quality fast food Company that fervently cares for its customers, employees and all other stakeholders and amission to provide high quality meals at affordable prices in a cheerful environment while motivating employees to render quality service that will delight customers.
Fourteen years later the Tantalizers has become a national brand with outlets across the country with lots of milestone:
Mid 2001 -- The novelty of Tantalizers Africana line of products was introduced 
Feb 2002 -- The Company hit the 10-outlet mark with the opening of Okota outlet
Mid 2002 -- The decision to grow using the franchise strategy was conceived
Dec 2002 --The business expanded out of Lagos towards the Northern part of Nigeria, opening its first outlet in Wuse Zone 3, Abuja
Jun 2003 --Tantalizers expanded to the Western part of the country when it opened its first outlet in Ibadan
Jan 2004 -- The Company hit the 20-outlet mark
Sept 2004 -- Operations commenced in the Eastern part of Nigeria with the opening of the Port Harcourt outlet
Year 2005 -- Tantalizers became a member of Nigeria International Franchise Association
Year 2005 / 2006 – The consolidation years when the company decided it was needful to review all processes, controls and overall company concept with a view to preparing itself for faster growth, going into the future.
Year 2007 – Full roll out of the Tantalizers franchise with Five (5) franchise outlets opened.
Year – 2008 – Opened ten outlets (2 Franchise and 8 Company owned )
The Tantalizers brand has continued to grow as a result of the quality of services rendered at its outlets in consonance with its vision and mission.

Their products are Meals on the Wheels, Tantalizer Breakfast, Tantalizer Bread, Tantalizer Outdoor Services, Telephone Meal Express, Tantalizer Africana and they have the following meals Fried Rice and Chicken, Spaghetti Bologanaise, Spicy Grilled Fish Tanta Grilled Chicken, Tanta Roll Chicken Burger Etc.

The head office is at Road 21, I close, Festac Town, Lagos state Nigeria.




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