My Power Plan


1. The Project Objective is for Lagos State Government to develop, through public private partnership (PPP), the first integrated and fully independent power generation, distribution and public lighting solution in Nigeria. This project will provide 24hrs uninterrupted power supply to crucial Lagos State facilities within the health, education, security, water, waste management, science & technology, judicial, sport and transportation sectors in Lagos Island.

The expansion has been split into 2 stages:

Stage 1: To build an extensive distribution network to connect additional LASG facilities and construct new public lighting to be connected to the existing power plant by the end of this year.

Stage 2: To increase the generation capacity of the power plant from 10MW to 114MW using natural pipeline gas as the primary fuel source to supply power to off takers within Lagos Island central business district

2. ALAUSA POWER PROJECT: To construct a 10.4MW power plant running on natural gas and dedicated distribution network to supply power to the Alausa secretariat and environs.
Proposed completion date: 2013

3. PENINSULA INTEGRATED POWER PROJECT: To construct a 6.5MW power plant running on compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and dedicated distribution network to supply power to the Lekki water works, Victoria Island water works and public lighting installations in Lekki phase 1 and Victoria Island.
Proposed completion date: 2013

4. IKEJA GRA POWER PROJECT: To construct a 10MW power plant running on natural gas and dedicated distribution network to supply power for the Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and LASG Old Secretariat
Proposed completion date: 2013
5. INDUSTRIAL ESTATES ELECTRIFICATION INITIATIVE: A large part of the LASG power development plan is targeted to industry. The powering of LASG industrial estates especially small medium enterprise zones is priority to the state government.
The initiative is designed to support industrial growth within the state by creating the right enabling environment for manufacturers to operate. This phase is focused on the provision of continuous power supply to four LASG industrial estates.
1. Isolo Industrial Estate
2. Matori Industrial Estate
3. Imota Agro Industrial park
4. Ikorodu Industrial Estate.




Project in Process
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